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FHA 203k loan Q & A by Atlas Green Homes

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FHA 203k loan Q & A 1. Is there a secondary mortgage market for Section 203(k) mortgage loans? Yes. The Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA) permits the Section 203(k) mortgage to be placed in both GNMA I and II pools with Section 203(b) mortgages. GNMA accepts the 203(k) mortgage once it has been endorsed by HUD. The

How to install hardwood floors by Atlas Green Homes

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Installing hardwood flooring is very much like putting a puzzle together. There are three main installation methods. These are nail-down installation, glue-down installation, and floating installation. It is assumed that you have a level subfloor that is wood for nail-down installation. Glue-down and floating installations can usually be done on both wood and concrete subfloors,

Tips For Removing Linoleum

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When it comes time to get new flooring you can save money by removing the old flooring yourself but if you have old linoleum on your floors you might be in for quite a challenge. Depending on how old the linoleum is and the type of adhesive that was used it can be extremely difficult

Is a Silent Invader Attacking Your Home?

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Expensive repairs from water damage might be needed in your home. Repair them before they multiply! Water damage is possible any time in the year-from the weather, malfunctioned appliances, clogs, or by poorly done home repair. You can save on most home repair costs by ensuring that your home is safeguarded from water damage seasonally